Upskilling in a digital health world

Change in healthcare is accelerating, and industry leaders need to prepare for changes brought about by the rise of digital health, or risk being left behind as the industry evolves.
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  • It’s no secret that digital technologies are playing a significant role when it comes to shaping the next era of healthcare.
  • This was the subject of a recent pharmaphorum webinar, sponsored by Healthware International, where Healthware CEO Roberto Ascione and Politecnico di Milano Professor Emanuele Lettieri laid out plans for a new executive education programme in digital health innovation.
  • “There is no way we can find enough people that are really skilled about these new modalities, these new interactions, and way of doing things,” explained Ascione. “
  • Creating a hybrid learning experience Of course, when creating a programme for high-level figures across life sciences, it’s vital to understand and tailor the learning experience to suit the lives and responsibilities of participants.
  • Through the design of the programme, both Ascione and Lettieri believe that participants will be introduced to a comprehensive range of topics – ideas they claim that every person working in life sciences should be aware of.